Safa A. Al-Gebori, May F. Al-Habib, Manal T. Al- Obaidy, Mohammad Oda Selman


Background: PE is one of the most common pathological disorders associated with pregnancy which is characterized by generalized edema, hypertension and proteinuria presenting after 20th week of gestation. It occurs in 2-3% of all pregnancies and is a major contributor to maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. The umbilical cord could be a good model for studying fetal vascular complications. Objectives: Evaluate the histomorphometrical changes in umbilical cord vessels and the changes in the thickness of basement membrane in normal and preeclamptic pregnancies.
Methods: Morphological changes in umbilical cord were examined on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded sections. The total cord area, Wharton's jelly area, total arterial area, arterial smooth muscle and intimal layer areas and total wall area of the vein were measured in systematic random samples using image j program. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS program.
Results: In pre-eclamptic group there is a reduction in total cord area, jelly area, total arterial area and smooth muscle area of umbilical artery and total wall area of the vein as compared to normal group. While the basement membrane thickness increased. The difference was highly significant (P value <0.001). The changes in intimal layer of the umbilical artery were not significant.
Conclusion: The histomorphometrical changes in umbilical cord could be a good predictor for the changes in umbilical cord and its reflection on the outcome neonates in preeclamptic patients.
Key wards: pre-eclampsia, umblical cord and histomorphometry



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