Purnachandrarao Naik, A. Ravi kiran. MDS A. Ravi kiran, Y. Samatha. MDS Y. Samatha, Lakshmana MDS Lakshmana, Sudheer Koutha. BDS, (MPH) Sudheer Koutha, Preethi Padmaja Uppalapati, BDS, (MS) Preethi Padmaja


A role of dental health professionals in providing dietary advice is being encouraged, and therefore knowledge of the consequences of compromised nutritional status on the mouth is essential in order to accomplish this important role. Compromised nutritional wellbeing might affect the salivary glands and causes qualitative and quantitative changes in the saliva, this intern affects or alters the integrity of oral cavity. Thus every dental health care professional should know how saliva will be getting affected due to Compromised nutritional wellbeing and also to prevent further consequences in the oral cavity. Thus we are presenting a first of its kind of article by title compromised nutritional wellbeing and its action on saliva a systematic review.

KEYWORDS: Dental health care professionals, Compromised nutritional wellbeing, Oral cavity, PEM.


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