Endurance training and ginger supplement on TSH,T3,T4, testosterone and cortisol hormone in obese men

Ali Reza Barari, Saeed Shirali


Introduction: The aim of this study was the effect of 8 weeks endurance training with gingere xtract on some of anabolic and catabolic hormone in obese men students.

 Ma­terials & Methods: 32 of the male students at the University Khatamolanbiya as subjects in this study were selected and randomly divided into four groups: a control group, Ginger groups, training group and  training and Ginger group. The experimental group consisted of 8 weeks of endurance training three times a week. The dependent variable of this study is included TSH,T3,T4,testosterone and cortisol. Blood samples from after 12 hour fast and before and after 8 weeks (48 hours after the last training session) were collected.

Resut: the results showed that endurance  training  not significant  difference in  TSH and T3. but T4 mean  in pre and post test has shown that difference means are meaningful increase in extract and  train and extract groups. Of course testosterone mean  in pre and post test has meaningful increase in training  and training  and extract group. Also Comparison of testosterone means between groups showed that Endurance training  group compared to the  Ginger group and  training  and ginger groups were significantly different. But cortisol mean in pre test and post test has shown that difference means are meaningful decrease in training and extract group.

Conclusion: These results suggest that intensity and duration of the exercise training are important and an increase in accessible energy would result in a change in thyroid hormones levels.

Key word: endurance, ginger, hormones, obese

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