Investigating the relationship between infertility factors and infertile couples' viewpoint of adopting a child

Afsaneh Sharifiyan, poorandokht Afshari, Amel Saki Malehi, Elahe kabuli Hussein


Background: This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between infertility factors and infertile couples' viewpoint of adopting a child.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted on 200 couples (100 infertile men and 100 infertile women) referring to Ahvaz Jihad Daneshgahi Infertility Center using the available sampling method. Data were collected using face to face interview and a researcher-made questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of two parts of demographic information and infertility information.

After collecting and entering data in the computer, they were analyzed using SPSS software and chi-square tests.

Results: the average of women's age was 30.6 and the average of men's age was 36.3. 24.8 percent of the couples had married five years before coming to this study.

Just 26.1 percent of these couples think about adopting a child. There is not a significant statistical relationship between thinking of adopting a child and the consent of spouse and family with adopting a child and infertility factor (P0.05).

Conclusion: based on the results of this research, there is not a significant statistical relationship between thinking of adopting a child and infertility factor but if the social and psychological support of infertile couples especially men has been considered from the first years after the infertility, it can be expected to have better performance to adopt a child. therefore, it is suggested that supportive institutions are established to help infertile couples to select the adoption method and also in addition to considering the psychological aspects of infertility along with other methods and at the same time, adoption of a child is suggested as a treatment for fertility. 

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